Steps to download Kumene Music

1. Go to my Albums
2. Choose album or song of yur choice and make payment to the artist
3. Contact the artist via whatsapp button on the website (+2637777519106)
4. Artist to provide token number
5. Downlooad using the token number provided

Lucky Kumene "Tomutsa Dhewa": The Sungura Hit Maker

Hello, It’s Lucky Kumene and The Power Express.

Born on 22 July 1983,Lucky Kumene grew up in Buhera,Mutendera village under headman Mombeyarara and Chief Makumbe.Went to Mombeyarara primary school and later Rusvingo Primary school in Harare.Kumene did his secondary school studies at Makumbe high school in Buhera and later Advanced level studies at Murambinda government high school.It was an open secret to the immediate family members and all the people who were associated with Lucky during his childhood that Kumene was a melodius singer and chances were high that one day could be one day,well the dream was accomplished.

Upcoming Shows

Lucky Kumene, The best male Sungura musician and without any doubt will be come an established musician after the release of this coming 4th Album *Kavhiri Kendege on 05 December 2020.

05 December 2020

Album Launch

Harare, Zimbabwe

At Eastpoint